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1. Jak mohu přes váš server nejpohodlněji stahovat ?

Požadovaný soubor můžete rychle a pohodlně najít na zdrojových serverech, např.,,, apod. Poté zkopírujete adresu souboru z prohlížeče (INFO) do formuláře na vkládaní odkazů na naší hlavní stránce. Odkaz vypadá třeba takto

2. Jak vlastně funguje váš server?

With us you can download from many share servers with only one account. You don't have to buy many accounts, all you need is just one on You can always download with unlimited speed and even credits are not limited in time.

3. Do I have to pay for using

If you wish to download files from other share servers with unlimited speed, you need to purchase credits to download. Every new member will receive 2 GB of FREE credit as a bonus. Credit is not limited in time.

4. How much downloading costs? And what would be the most convenient for me?

All prices can be found in our price list. The best is to pay by bank transfer or credit card. In terms of price per GB, the best comes payment for 999 CZK or 35 EUR.

5. How is credit counted and why some sites cost more?

Credit shall be deducted on real downloaded data, never shall be deducted up front. Some servers are significantly more expensive, therefore we are deducting more from your account according to the table conversion.

6. Why downloading doesn't work? What should I do?

If the download does not work for a particular file, first look into our monitoring page, whether there's an error on the server. Then try if that link really exists on the source server. If an error occurs while downloading via JDownloader, it usually helps to restart it. If nothing helps, write through Contact Form to our customer service support.

7. I haven't received activation email. What should I do?

Firstly have a look in the "junk e-mail" or "SPAM" folder it might accidentally end up there. If not, please contact us.

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