The general Terms and Conditions of the site

(hereinafter referred to as „terms and conditions”)

1. General provisions

1.1. Provider of services on the server (hereinafter referred to as the „server”) is a company Anemos s.r.o., IČ: 29031401, based Na Jarově 1959/11, PSČ 130 00, Prague 3, Czech Republic, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, inset 161358, acting in the course of business or other business activities.

1.2. User means any natural or legal person who is registered on the server. The user undertakes to adhere to these terms.

2. The principle services offered by the provider

2.1. Services offered by the provider are in the search and downloading data from the servers of third parties. Search and download of data is carried out by a user through the server.

2.2. The provider provides services for registered users on the basis of the credit system – users can purchase credit, which allows them to find and download a certain volume of data through the server.

2.3. The data download means the start of downloading process by the user. In the case of stopping of the download by the user, the user's credit equivalent amount of the data will be deducted.

3. The rights and obligations of the user

3.1. User agrees to fill his/hers registration information truthfully, currently and completely.

3.2. User must not disclose his/hers login information (data allowing access to the server) to a third party nor allow it to access them.

3.3. User undertakes that he/she will not search for or download data through the server, where the content and downloading is illegal, in particular, which is in conflict with the legal order of the Czech Republic. The user must not search and download data, in particular:

a) where content is protected by copyright law, or the download could be in breach of copyright,
b) could incite to commit crime or failure to comply with the obligations of the law,
c) contain pornographic works depicting a child, or come into contact with the animal,
d) promote or support a movement that leads to the suppression of human rights and freedoms,
e) could express hatred for group of people, in particular with respect to ethnic group, race, nation or religion or belief.

3.4. User bears full responsibility for the content data that he/she is downloading through the server.

3.5. User must not interfere in any way with the operation of the server nor send any junk mail (spam) to the provider.

3.6. User agrees that his/hers activities won’t endanger the reputation of the service provider and the server.

3.7. If the user finds out that another user is violating these terms of service or commits an offence, is obliged to notify this fact to the service provider.

4. The rights and obligations of the provider

4.1. If the user violates these conditions, the provider is entitled to cancel the user's account without further warning and without refund of the purchased credit.

4.2. At any time, the provider is entitled to prevent the download of data and is not obliged to inform the user of the reason.

4.3. The provider is not responsible for the content of the data and the data that the user searches or downloads. If the provider finds that it could be a data where content and downloading is illegal or in violation of these terms and conditions, the provider is entitled to prevent the download of the data without further warning.

4.4. Provider is not obliged to actively seek facts or circumstances indicating illegal contents of the downloaded data.

4.5. Provider does not perform a backup of data downloaded by the user. The provider is not liable for damage or other loss that may arise to the user due to incomplete data download.

4.6. Provider is entitled to put on the site any commercial communication of other natural or legal persons, which are under contract with the provider. Provider is also entitled to send them to the user via e-mail marketing messages, informing of the services offered.

4.7. Provider is entitled without prior notice to the user to add, modify or delete any of the supported third-party servers.

5. Final Provisions

5.1. Communication between the user and the provider are done exclusively by electronic means (e-mail).

5.2. Provider is entitled to change these terms and conditions upon prior notice to the user. If the user does not accept the new conditions, his/hers user account expires.

5.3. These terms and conditions come into effect on the March 11, 2014.

You can find information on the terms of protection and processing of your personal information HERE.

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